Toran Sharma

United Kingdom

  • University of Oxford Maths Graduate
  • NSEC Google Creative Tech prize winner
  • Web developer/designer
  • Experienced in Python programming

About Me

Toran Sharma

I am a 23 year old, University of Oxford Mathematics graduate of Hertford College.

I grew up in Hertfordshire, always being interested and able with computers as an avid gamer. First gaining an interest in computing with 3D design in Blender, as well as experimenting with its in-built game engine. I then started looking into web development learning the basics of HTML and CSS.

Work experience and a summer Nuffield research project gave me a good foundation in programming, mainly based around Python. Currently I am mainly learning and experimenting with code in my free time.


NSECUK Project demo

4 weeks spent at the Open University in Milton Keynes completing a Nuffield research project in 2013. Our group was awarded a CREST Gold Award for the project which developed computing projects to help teach children in Key Stage 1-3 learn about computer science and coding. As recievers of the CREST award, we were invited to submit our project to the National Science and Engineering award. Our project was short-listed for the finals being held at the NEC, Birmingham in March 2014. We spent two days presenting out project to hundreds of school children and teachers visitng the event and were judged by science and technology experts.


Our project was chosen as joint winners of the Google Creative Technology Prize. In summer of 2014, we visited the Google offices and, after a few weeks of planning, gave a talk about our poject. We then held a hackathon there for some Google engineers as well as some school children to try to put our project to the test.

The main part of the project I work on was the creation the PySense python Library. This library allows for the Open University's SenseBoard to be controlled in Python fro the first time. Before the creation of PySense, the SensBoard could only be used in a Scratch based visual programming environment. Python control allows for much more powerful and complicated projects to be made using thr SenseBoard. For example, the library allows multiple SenseBoard to be used at the same time, something that was not possible before. I put this feature to use in one of the projects to make a laserharp which used 7 SenseBoards in conjection.

You can find a download of the library here: PySense - Python library to control the Open University's SenseBoard

I have a good working knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript and have also used PHP. I have made both this website and LSM Technical Services from scratch.

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